Douglas Lake and Dandridge, TN, can provide you and your reunion group with more than just a gorgeous lakeside Smoky Mountain backdrop, it can provide a multitude of opportunities to do activities the entire family can participate in, or if you’ve brought a church, school or even a platoon and everyone wants to find their own thing to do, our location is well suited for that as well!

Here are just a few suggestions on themes to engage your group into.

Action And Thrillseeking
Wow, where we would even start? East Tennessee is loaded with amazing things designed with groups in mind. This theme will be perfect if you have a family full of older kids and middle-aged adults and want them to get some adrenaline pumping.
Theme Parks * – DollywoodDolly’s Splash CountryOber Gatlinburg,
Rides * – Bungee JumpingFast TracksFlyaway Indoor Skydiving
Altitude * – Smoky Mountain Helicopter ToursZipliningRock Climbing

Consider engaging family sports. Our cabins are spacious and welcome family activity. From pool, to board games to badminton and beyond you may find a little competition is a good thing! Prizes could be family tokens, free admission ( from the reunion budget) when you go to one of the attractions, or maybe you design your own prizes. Often a theme can promote creativity. What draws your family together? Often music is a great generation spanning connection. Be creative, have some fun.